Social media fiction: “Renewal”

by Liam Llewellyn

A shut Schindler’s List.

“I don’t like this book,” A said.

“Why?” B asked.

“It talks about Nazis.”

“OK, so stop reading it.”

“Yeah but I don’t want other people reading it and being influenced by it.”

“You’re right. Maybe we should contact the publisher and have it withdrawn, taken off online bookstores.”

“They won’t do that unless the public is involved.”

“How do we get them involved?”

“We could make a YouTube video of me burning it.”

“Maybe a whole pile. And other books about Nazis.”

“Yeah and then at the end we’ll say, ‘If you read or write about Nazis, you are a Nazi.’”

“I don’t think that’s enough to stop people. There needs to be a disciplinary committee.”

“Yeah! So people can report other people who are reading or writing or talking about Nazis.”

‪“Maybe we get a grant from the SPLC to start a camp and teach people talking or writing or reading about Nazism is not OK.”‬

‪“And once those people have been reeducated, they can patrol their communities to ensure no one brings up Nazism again.”‬

‪“They need to be recognizable enforcers.”‬

“So we given them badges or armbands with JC on them for Justice Commission.”

“What about the people who don’t follow the rules and still talk about Nazis?”

“Well if everyone else is wearing a ‘JC’ armband, that’ll distinguish the bad people from the good. And if society shuns them long enough, they’ll eventually opt to be reeducated too.”

“And for those who don’t?”

‪“We petition the legislature to cordon off parts of the city where those people live, force them to live all together.”‬

“We can concentrate the bad people in one part of the city. Then if the city doesn’t maintain those parts, the people who live there will become so desperate they leave.”

“Or die.”

“That wouldn’t be great but at least it would make society better. Then no one would talk about Nazis again.”

“This is a great idea. I can’t imagine anyone will notsee the brilliance of it.”

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