Social media fiction: “Time Bomb”

by Liam Llewellyn

Alice went to a movie with her best friends. It was the premiere of a rom-com starring Alice’s favorite actor, Julia Jones. Before the movie, Alice went to the bathroom. After opening the stall door, she found a pipe bomb with a timer ticking away.

She pulled the fire alarm and the theater was evacuated. When the bomb exploded, no one was hurt. Alice was hailed as a hero and received a call from Julia Jones. Jones said she was proud to have a fan like Alice.

“I was just doing the right thing,” Alice said.

Five years later, Harold Goldstein, a revered Hollywood producer, was outed as a sexual predator.

Goldstein had produced the rom-com Alice had seen. In the past 20 years, he had settled 10 sexual harassment cases. Rumors of the sexual harassment had long abounded in Hollywood but no one, man or woman, ever said anything.

Julia Jones herself had been sexually harassed by Goldstein–one of his first victims–during the production of a film. This film had come after Jones starred in her breakout role and won an Oscar. She’d said nothing, resolving instead not to work with Goldstein ever again.

Now, however, after other actors of less repute had spoken publicly of their harassment, she did as well. And of course Jones was hailed as a hero.

Of course, right?

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