Social media fiction: “What’s the Difference?”

by Liam Llewellyn

Ashley was born into a Catholic household. As a Catholic, she learned about Original Sin.

“We are born sinful creatures and must always seek God’s forgiveness.”

“Why?” Ashley asked.

“Because Man killed Jesus.”

This made sense to Ashley. She learned not to take the lord’s name in vain.

“God, I hate school—”

“Don’t use the lord’s name like that!” her mother scorned.

“I was just saying—”

“It doesn’t matter! We can’t say it.”

She also learned about the end of time.

“Jesus will return to earth and save those who have repented for their sins.”

“Save them from what?” Ashley asked.

“From fire, floods. The Apocalypse.”

For a long time, Ashley was a devout Catholic.

Then in high school, she had sex and was ashamed. She drifted away from her religion and eventually became an atheist.

In college she joined a number of social-justice groups.

She learned how White People had enslaved Blacks, killed gays, and oppressed women, among other atrocities.

“Because we are White, we must help people of color and other disadvantaged groups,” her colleagues told her.

This made sense to Ashley.

She learned words she could use and which she could not.

“The word ‘nigger’ is—”

“Don’t use that word!” her colleagues said.

“I was just using it to analyze—”

“It doesn’t matter! We can’t use it.”

She also learned about global warming and climate change.

“If we don’t stop polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, we’ll all die,” she was told.

“From what?”

“From fire, floods. It’ll be like the Apocalypse.”

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