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Fixing a taillight to avoid jail

A few updates before I regale you with the story of my past week or so: L.L. Press has accepted a manuscript submission and signed its author, whose book is tentatively scheduled to be released in October. I'll withhold details for now but will say the manuscript is very good, incorporates elements of Southwestern folklore … Continue reading Fixing a taillight to avoid jail

Goodreads review: Bellman & Black

Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield My rating: 2 of 5 stars After reading "The Thirteenth Tale," I was really excited to read Setterfield's followup. Unfortunately, it's just not good. It's difficult to connect or sympathize with any of the characters, particularly the main character, who has no charisma. We're led through more than 20 … Continue reading Goodreads review: Bellman & Black

Movie review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

In middle, high school, and a bit in college, I did quite a number of movie reviews and of my journalism career, they stand out as my favorite aspect. So on occasion I'll do a movie review, more likely than not of a movie that was released several years, if not decades, ago, for what … Continue reading Movie review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2